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Interp. for Commercial Tour Providers

Interpretive tour planning and delivery techniques for
professional/commercial tour guides.

11 Units, 2 CEU Credits - $200..00 Tuition

Having been a participant of many different commercial tours in several different countries, it was easy to observe that the tour guides had passion for the subjects (and cultural & natural history) of the commercial tours they were offering. While they had a lot of knowledge of the subjects and "stops" in their tours, what was lacking was their training on how to plan and deliver "interpretive" and theme based tours, and the psychology of recreational learning strategies for their tour participants. It is goal of this course to provide volunteer or commercial tour guides with this additional training so that their tours (and their commercial marketing) will be greatly enhanced.

The Units:

Unit One - what is "interpretive communications" and how will it make my tour stronger.

Unit Two - The model of interpretation (used for interpretive tours planning).

Unit Three- Using Tilden's Principles in developing your tour story/message delivery.

Unit Four - Developing the objectives and the interpretive theme for your tour.

Unit Five - The Experience Economy/Markets of One - creating memorable tour experiences.

Unit Six - Planning your interpretive tour route and stops to illustrate your theme and story.

Unit Seven - Creating Interpretive Experiences at each tour stop.

Unit Eight - Interpretive tour structure (introduction - body - tour summary) and length.

Unit Nine - Tour management and customer care (food, drink and fun).

Unit Ten - Self Evaluation techniques - was it a superior tour? What did you accomplish?

Unit Eleven - Marketing/selling your tours - benefits and outcomes of going on your tour.

For our e-LIVE courses, all assignments from each unit will be sent to Prof. Veverka for reveiw and comments or coaching. You can talk with John whenever you need to by phone, SKYPE, or e-mail. John will be YOUR personal coach for this course and will be happy to help with your feasibility analysis.

When will the course start? You can start this course at any time and work at your own pace. It is estimated that it will take about 20 hours to complete this course. The cost of the 20 hours of training is $200.00 USD, which can be paid for by credit card or PayPal via the Pay Now button below.

If you're interested in this course and would like to enroll in it - send an e-mail to John at: for a registration form. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask. Then return to this page to pay for the course tuition.

Prof. John Veverka
JVA Heritage Interpretation International Training Center
Interpretive Training Division
SKYPE: jvainterp

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