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From interpretive planning for castles in Wales for the National Trust and bird sanctuaries in Michigan for the Kellogg Biological Station, to interpretive training in Alabama for the US Army Corps of Engineers, and museum exhibit evaluation in Wisconsin - (bottom row) and critiquing ancient temples interpretation on Malta for Malta Heritage, prehistoric archaeological site interpretation in Utah for Nine Mile Canyon/BLM, and docent/interpretive staff training for the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff, we do that - and more!

Heritage Interpretation: Interpretive Planning, Training and Consultation Services

Serving Parks, Museums, Historic Sites, Zoos & Botanical Gardens, Heritage Tourism Sites and Facilities, Commercial Tourism Attractions, and related interpretive sites and facilities -

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Projects/Clients for 2005

Ohio Parks Logo.jpg (282860 bytes)Malabar Farm State Park, Ohio. Interpretive exhibit concept development and exhibit label copy writing for two exhibits for the new interpretive center at Malabar Farm State Park, as part of an Interpretive Exhibit Plan developed by JVA for Malabar Farm.  To find out more about Malabar Farm State Park visit the Malabar Farm Foundation web site at: http://www.malabarfarm.org. November, 2005.

Mathews County, VA.  Interpretive planning site assessments and consultation/interpretive panel development consultation as part of the NPS Gateways Program. October, 2005.

Chickahominy Riverfront Park, VA. Interpretive planning consultation as part of the NPS Gateways Program. October 2005.

Wye Mill interpretive planning and media development consultation services as part of the NPS Gateways Program.  October 2005.

CB - Wye Mill.jpg (211738 bytes) Wye Mill Historic Site.

Annapolis Maritime Museum, MD.  Interpretive exhibit planning consultation services as part of the NPS Gateways Program.  October 2005.

Florida Parks Logo.jpg (20924 bytes) Florida State Parks.   Provide two interpretive workshops, one for new Ranger staff and one for their Park Managers Conference, November 15, 2005 (Orlando, FL).

Watermens Museum VA LOGO.jpg (52211 bytes) Waterman's Museum, Yorktown, Virginia.  Develop an interpretive plan for exterior interpretive signage and services.  You can visit this museum as: http://www.watermens.org.   The project will run from October 05 through January 06.

James Mills Scottish Factor Store (Urbanna, VA).   Develop the Interpretive Exhibit Plan for this historic site.  It is one of only two structures remaining in the US exemplifying the colonial trade pattern of exchanging tobacco for items imported from Europe during the 1700's.    The interpretive exhibit plan is being funded by the National Park Service Chesapeake Bay Gateways Program. July, 2005.   You can visit this site at: http://www.baygateways.net/general.cfm?id=5   The bottom graphic is how the store may have looked in the late 1700's, rolling "hogs heads" of tobacco to the waiting ships anchored off shore.

JM - Rolling Road PC.jpg (680815 bytes)


Florida Parks Logo.jpg (20924 bytes)Florida State Parks.  Provide consulting services in the development of state-wide interpretive policies, objectives, and mission focus for the Florida State Parks Interpretive Services Division.   Summer, 2005.

Florida Parks Logo.jpg (20924 bytes) Florida State Parks. Deliver an interpretive training session at the State-Wide Interpretive Training Workshop, Sebastian, FL. August, 2005


Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids, MI.  Conduct a docent training course for the Gardens new themed tours for 2005/2006.  The workshop will include a general presentation on interpretive themes, and  skills/techniques sessions with practicum on presenting and leading the new themed tours.   October 2005.  You can visit this client at: http://www.meijergardens.org

City of Marshall, Michigan.  Heritage tourism development consultation for their new Heritage Trail which runs through the City, as well as other heritage develoment priority needs and issues.  June 2005.  You can visit Marshall at: http://www.marshallmi.org.


3Dmedalltext.JPG (279993 bytes)     hci_logga.JPG (146091 bytes)  Interpretive Workshops in SwedenJVA was invited to provide a three day interpretive training course (September 19-21, 2005) on Planning and Conducting Live Interpretive Programs and Tours, and a one day seminar on The Concept of Interpretation - an introduction to the interpretive profession (22  September, 2005) in Hellefors, Sweeden.  The workshops were sponsosred by the National Focal point for Swedish Creative-Experience Industry, the Municipality of Hellefors, and the Hellefors Centrum for Interpretation.  You can visit these sites at: http://www.interpretation.sehttp://www.hellefors.se/upplevelse  and http://www.hellefors.se.  For registration information contact Tomas Carlson, at: tomas.carlsson@hellefors.se.


Accokeek Foundation Logo.jpg (10565 bytes) The Accokeek Foundation National Colonial Farm at Piscatawa National Park, Maryland.  Interpretive site review, interpretive planning training workshop and interpretive planning consultation. June, 2005.  You can visit the Foundations Web site at: http://www.accokeek.org.   The foundation works in partnership with the National Park in the park management and interpretation.

AF- Cabin.jpg (71997 bytes)


NPS Gateways Logo.jpg (26914 bytes)  Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network.   Develop the Interpretive Plan for the National Park Service Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network new regional "Welcome Center", located on the museum campus of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, St. Michael's, MD.  November - March, 2005.

CBG - VC front ent..jpg (285706 bytes)


NPS Gateways Logo.jpg (26914 bytes) Chesapeake Bay Gateways conference, Making Chesapeake Connections, April 4-6th, Solomons, MD.  Provide several interpretation sessions for the conference.  You can find out more about the conference at: http://www.baygateways.net.


Woburn Safari Park Logo.jpg (37223 bytes)  Woburn Safari Park/Woburn Enterprises, Bedfordshire, England.  Provide interpretive planning consultation services for their new (in the planning stages) Woburn Centre for Conservation and Education.  You can visit this site at: http://www.woburnsafari.co.uk. January - May 2005.


Parks Canada Logo.jpg (3222 bytes)  Parks Canada - Western Region.   Conduct a 3-day interpretive training course on Planning and delivery of live interpretive programs and tours.  Hosted by Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site, Saskatoon, Canada. 12-14 April, 2005.  You can learn more about this site at: http://www.pc.gc.ca/lhn-nhs/sk/motherwell/index_e.asp


James Mills Scottish Factor Store (Urbanna, VA).   JVA  developed the Interpretive Plan for this historic site.  It is one of only two structures remaining in the US exemplifying the colonial trade pattern of exchanging tobacco for items imported from Europe during the 1700's.  The building is currently undergoing restoration.  The interpretive plan is being funded by the National Park Service Chesapeake Bay Gateways Program. April - June, 2005.   You can visit this site at: http://www.baygateways.net/general.cfm?id=5

CB - James Factor Store.jpg (97747 bytes)


Great Bridge Lock Park, Chesapeake, VA.  Provide an interpretive planning workshop/seminar for planning staff.  This project is part of the Chesapeake Bay Gateways Program. April, 2005.

Milford Historical Society, Milford, Michigan.  Provide an Interpretive Planning Focus Workshop for the society focusing on the development of an interpretive plan for the historic Pettibone Creek Hydroelectric Station, April. 2005.  To learn more about the Historical Soceities hydroelectric station restoration project, visit their web site at: http://www.milfordhistory.org/powerhouse_project_update_2004.htm

Milford Powerhouse.jpg (87693 bytes) The historic Pettibone Creek Hydroelectric Station, Milford, MI, built in 1939 by Henry Ford to help power the Ford Rouge Plant.  Interpretive planning will be for exterior interpretation only.


Slovenia.gif (1424 bytes)   Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of the Environment, Spatial Planning And Energy, Ljubljana, Slovenia.  JVA was invited back to conduct a 3-day Heritage Interpretation & Tourism Seminar for the Ministry.  In addition, JVA  also  provided Interpretive Planning training and consultation for the National Museum of Natural History and the Association of Museums of Slovenia.  You can visit the museums web sites at: http://www2.pms-lj.si/pmsgb.html.  The Assoc. of Museums of Slovenia web site is: http://www2.pms-lj.si/SMS/index_gb.html.   The workshops and consultations were in September, 2005.

Slovenia Interp.Seminar 05.jpg (200066 bytes) Slovenia Museums Exhibit  Course 05.jpg (202994 bytes)

The general interpretation seminar for the Ministry of the Environment (top left) had over 200 attendees. The photo on the top right was from the Interpretive Exhibit Planning/Design Course sponsored by the Association of Museums of Slovenia.


N Virg. Park Authority Logo.jpg (9693 bytes)Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority/NPS Gateways Program.  Interpretive planning workshop for the Occoquan River Water Trail, MD.  April 2005. (Water trails are similar to self-guiding scenic by-ways, but on the water, with numerous interpretive stops located along the river corridor).

Occoquan Water Trail View.jpg (279890 bytes) A general view of the Occoquan River (and trail).


Rappahannock River Water Trail, MD. Interpretive planning training workshop sponsored by the NPS Gateways Program.   February, 2005.

Sailwinds Visitor Center, Cambridge, MD/NPS Gateways Program.  Interpretive training course and interpretive consultation services on interpretive planning strategies, facility planning, and interpretive media planning.  February, 2005.

Sailwinds Park VC.jpg (107101 bytes)


Richardson's Maritime Museum, Cambridge, MA./NPS Gateways Program.  Interpretive planning consultation services.   February, 2005.

Richardson Maritime Museum.jpg (233455 bytes)


SNH Logo.jpg (20137 bytes)Scottish Natural Heritage, Battleby Center, Scotland. Provide interpretive planning consultation services for several National Nature Reserves.  May, 2005.


NPS Logo.jpg (18321 bytes) Advantage West - NC Logo.jpg (18529 bytes) Advantage West-North Carolina/Blue Ridge National Heritage Area.  Provide interpretive training and planning consultation services for the Heritage Area, provided through Advantage West-North Carolina, June, 2005  You can find out more about the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area at: http://www.cr.nps.gov/heritageareas/AREAS/BLUE.htm.   You can find out more about Advantage West-North Carolina at: http://www.advantagewest.com.


Cashiers Historical Soc. Logo.jpg (38992 bytes) Cashiers Historical Society, Cashiers, North Carolina.  Provide an interpretive training seminar, interpretive planning focus workshop, and site interpretive master planning consultation services. June, 2005.  You can visit this site at: http://www.cashiershistoricalsociety.org.

Cashier Hist. Soc. Z-T House.jpg (409814 bytes)  Built 150 years ago, the Zachary-Tolbert House is one of the most important historical buildings in Western North Carolina - managed and operated by the Cashier Historical Society.   Visit their web site to learn more about this historic home.


NAI Logo.jpg (38742 bytes) NAI Region Four.  Present a one-day workshop on Planning and Designing Effective Interpretive Panels, March 11, 2005, hosted by Pokagon State Park, Indiana.   Workshop Fee: $15.00 NAI Member, $30.00 Nonmembers.  This workshop is being presented as a "donation" by JVA with all fees going to NAI Region Four.   For workshop registration/questions please contact Robin Dugan at (800) 428-5887 ext. 151, or at rdugan@eciheritage.net .  


Summit Co. Metro Parks Logo (Toledo).jpg (44666 bytes) Summit County (Ohio) Metro Parks. Provide interpretive master planning facilitation/consulting services to Metro Parks for a variety of interpretive planning/nature center planning projects.  January 2005 - 2006.  You can visit Summit County Metro Parks at: http://www.neo.rr.com/MetroParks/


Summit Co. Metro Parks Logo (Toledo).jpg (44666 bytes)  Summit County (Ohio) - Metro Parks Naturealm.  Develop the Interpretive Master Plan for Naturealm, including outside interpretive sites, trails and features as well as interior exhibit planning.  July/September, 2005.

NR Exhibit - White Forest.jpg (236511 bytes)  NR Exhibit - habitat diorama.jpg (188574 bytes)  Some of the Naturealm exhibits that will be included as part of the future exhibit rehab/redesign.   The new exhibits will focus on a new interpretive theme for Naturealm illustrating how "Nature makes your life better".


Botanic Garden Education Network (BGEN). Conduct a two-day interpretive training workshop for BGEN members - one day on Interpretive Planning and the second day on Evaluation of Interpretive Programs and Services.  BGEN members are educators in botanic gardens, zoos, parks and other sites that cover biodiversity issues.  The workshop was hosted at the Chester Zoo, Chester, ENGLAND, September, 2005.

BGEN 05 Workshop.jpg (236934 bytes)

BGEN Workshop participants.


Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids, MI.  Conduct a docent training course on tour planning and presentation techniques/skills.  February, 2005.  You can visit this client at: http://www.meijergardens.org

MSG - View.jpg (289961 bytes)  MSG - Pitcher Plant.jpg (322483 bytes)


Parks Canada Logo.jpg (3222 bytes) Parks Canada - Western Region.  Provide a 5-day interpretive master planning course for regional (and out-of-region) Parks Canada Staff members responsible for developing individual National Park interpretive master plans.  Calgary, Alberta. February 2005


Calvert County MD Logo.jpg (7386 bytes) Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Nature Center/Preserve,  MD.  Develop the Interpretive Master Plan for the preserve, and Interpretive Exhibit Plan for the Battle Creek Nature Center.  The project  began in October, 2004 and was completed in 2005.  You can visit this site at: http://calvert-county.com/cypress.htm.


GA State Park Logo.jpg (19799 bytes)  Georgia DNR State Parks and Historic Sites. Conduct a 3-day Interpretive Master Planning course for parks and historic sites interpretive planning staff.  January, 2005.


US 12 Heritage Trail.jpg (9298 bytes) Route 12 Heritage Trail & Southwestern Michigan Commission, Benton Harbor, MI.  Contracted to develop a complete Interpretive Systems Plan for the total heritage trail system.  First phase of the project will be from September through December, 2004 and then extend through 2005.


Detroit Child. Mus. Logo.jpg (17080 bytes)  Detroit Children's Museum.   Provide an interpretive exhibit planning focus workshop session for museum staff to help develop a new interpretive content planning strategy for the museum.   June 2005.  You can visit the museum at: http://www.detroitchildrensmuseum.org.


Norfolk Logo.jpg (12673 bytes) Norfolk Tourism, Norfolk, England.   Conduct a variety of interpretive training workshops and site visits/critiques for regional Norfolk heritage sites/attractions, coordinated by Norfolk Tourism, May, 2005. Site visits included the historic Waxham Barn in Waxhambuilt in the 1500's,  and the Lotus Car Factory in Norwich.

Norfolk Barn.jpg (219446 bytes)         Lotus Logo.jpg (9202 bytes)


Snowdonia NP Logo.jpg (56798 bytes) Snowdonia National Park Training Center, Wales. Conduct a 3-day course on "Planning and Presenting Live Interpretive Programs and Tours", May, 2005.  

SNP Living Interp. 2005 #2.jpg (208298 bytes)  Course participants learn technbiques and tips for presenting a live interpretive walk (Snowdonia National Park, Wales).


Corps Logo.jpg (8719 bytes) US Army Corps of Engineers - Interpretive Services Course.  JVA was awarded the contract to teach the annual   Interpretive Services Training Course for the Corps through 2006.  The contract also calls for rewriting/updating the course training manual, lesson plans, and all course handouts in 2004.  Training courses for 2005 will be in March at the COE National Training Center, Huntsville, Alabama.

COE Feb 04 Training.jpg (194111 bytes) Feb. 2004 Interp. Services Class.


NPS Gateways Logo.jpg (26914 bytes) Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network - a system of parks, refuges, museums, historic sites and communities, and water trails in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  Managed by many different partners, these sites each tell a part of the Bay story.  The National Park Service coordinates the Gateways Network in partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Program and all of the partner sites.  JVA will provide a variety of interpretive planning, training and individual site interpretive consultation services for the Network over the next several years in an open-ended contract.   For more information on the Network visit their web site at: www.baygateways.net.