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From interpretive planning for castles in Wales for the National Trust and bird sanctuaries in Michigan for the Kellogg Biological Station, to interpretive training in Alabama for the US Army Corps of Engineers, and museum exhibit evaluation in Wisconsin - (bottom row) and critiquing ancient temples interpretation on Malta for Malta Heritage, prehistoric archaeological site interpretation in Utah for Nine Mile Canyon/BLM, and docent/interpretive staff training for the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff, we do that - and more!

Heritage Interpretation: Interpretive Planning, Training and Consultation Services

Serving Parks, Museums, Historic Sites, Zoos & Botanical Gardens, Heritage Tourism Sites and Facilities, Commercial Tourism Attractions, and related interpretive sites and facilities -

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At JVA we do more Interpretive Planning, and Interpretive Master Planning then just about anyone, with 30 years of interpretive planning experience world-wide.  JVA is one of the few interpretive firms offering interpretive planning services staff with professional interpretive planners.

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John is a NAI Certified Interpretive Planner, Certified Interpretive Trainer, and Certified Professional Heritage Interpreter (Canada).   He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees majoring in Interpretive Services from the Ohio State University, and spent 4 years in the Ph.D. program (Parks and Recreation) at Michigan State University majoring in Interpretation, where he also taught the introductory and advanced interpretation courses.  While at Ohio State University John developed and taught a senior level "capstone" course in Interpretive Master Planning.  On average we work on about 5-10 interpretive planning projects each year, ranging from historical sites to nature reserves and everything in-between.  Check out our current projects list for our recent and current interpretive planning projects.

John is the author of the college textbook Interpretive Master Planning and teaches/lectures on interpretive planning worldwide.


Our interpretive planning services include:

- Park, nature reserve, natural area and related sites interpretive plans.

- Nature center/visitor center interpretive planning.

- Interpretive planning for historic sites, homes and districts.

- Interpretive planning for National Heritage Areas.

- Interpretive exhibit planning.

- Interpretive media and services planning

- Interpretive feasibility studies

- and more - call for details.

A few of our interpretive plans showing the diversity of our clients and projects.

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